Join Me in Orlando

Disney Yacht ClubI will be presenting 3 sessions at Techmentor Orlando 2011. The conference runs March 14-18, 2011 at the Disney Yacht Club. My sessions are all on Wednesday March 16. In addition to all the other fabulous material at the conference I will be presenting the following:

PowerShell Scripting Best Practices
Scripting with Windows PowerShell is very different than VBScript and thus requires not only a new mind-set, but also a new set of scripting Best Practices. I will lay out the do’s and don’ts when writing PowerShell scripts. PowerShell is a must-know technology and more and more IT Pros are turning from VBScript to PowerShell. This session will demonstrate PowerShell scripting best practices so that their own scripts will be easier to develop, easier to maintain, and less bug-prone.

Top 10 Active Directory Tasks with PowerShell
Managing Active Directory with PowerShell is easier than you think with the right tools. You’ll learn how to manage the ten most common Active Directory administrative tasks using Windows PowerShell, and you won’t have to write a single script! Well…maybe just a short one. Bring your laptop with any virtualized domain controller (Windows Server 2008 R2) and follow along. A little PowerShell experience is helpful, but not required. Active Directory administrators with automation needs will soon be turning to Windows PowerShell. This session will demonstrate how to accomplish common tasks with Windows PowerShell that the attendee can begin using immediately when they return to work.

Getting Started with PowerCLI and Vmware
If you run a VMware infrastructure and aren’t using Windows PowerShell as part of your management strategy, then you most likely spending way too much time getting your job done. Discover how much work you can accomplish from a PowerShell prompt and you don’t even really need to script. I will show you how easy it is to get started managing your VMWare infrastructure from a PowerShell prompt.

Early registration is now open. I hope to see you there.