Adding Some Power to Hyper-V VM Notes

Since I work at home, I rely a great deal on my Hyper-V environment. I'm assuming if you are using Hyper-V at work the same is true for you.  Because I do a lot of testing, it is difficult sometimes to remember what is running on a given VM. Did I update that box to PowerShell v5? Is that VM … Continue reading

What Are You?

Here's a quick way to tell whether a given machine is real or not: check the Win32_Baseboard class. You can use either Get-WmiObject or Get-CimInstance. Notice the results from a few physical machines. Now see the result when querying a Hyper-V virtual machine: I don't have any VMware … Continue reading

More Power Scotty!

Many of you have seen my travel with my Yoga 2 Pro laptop and a Gigabyte Brix running Hyper-V with 16GB of RAM and a 240GB msata drive. I use these rigs for demos when traveling and they also provide me with a test domain network. But lately I've started feeling some constraints. Even though I run … Continue reading

Creating a Hyper-V VM Memory Report

I use Hyper-V to run my lab environment. Since I work at home I don't have access to a "real" production network so I have to make do with a virtualized environment. Given budgetary constraints I also don't have a lot of high end hardware with endless amount of RAM and storage. So I often run my … Continue reading