Blog RSS Changes

After fighting the last few weeks trying to get Feedburner to work, I've decided to revise a few things. First off,  the new RSS feed for my blog is The old link will remain active but eventually slowly die.  But what I really hope you'll consider is signing … Continue reading

How Hard Are You Working?

Recently in the PowerShell community on Google Plus, there was a discussion about software for creating graphical PowerShell scripts. This is a discussion I've seen many times over the years and extends beyond something to create graphical PowerShell tools. Sadly, the root issue of this discussion … Continue reading

Will Verizon FiOS Change My Life?

I work at home and for the longest time this has meant cable service for Internet access through Time-Warner Cable. Sadly, there was never a viable alternative so I always felt trapped. I need broadband speeds for work but had no choices, until now. Verizon recently decided to resume building out … Continue reading

Friday Fun – Let’s Play a Game

Today is going to be a lot of fun. A few years ago, back when we were still running PowerShell 2.0 everywhere, I created a module to run a Bingo game in a PowerShell session. I primarily wrote the module as a learning tool for beginners wanting to know more about how to construct a module. The … Continue reading

I Wanna Be Like You

Growing up, one of my favorite Disney movies was their adaption of The Jungle Book, and perhaps my favorite scene was King Louie's production number "I Wanna Be Like You." I think what really makes this song work is that we all have a desire to be like someone else, perhaps a role model or someone … Continue reading