Promoting Scripting and PowerShell

Last week I was interviewed on the Mind of Root podcast about what administrators can do to promote PowerShell and automation in their environments. The show is now available for streaming or download. I still think your best approach is to gently let everyone know that it’s not a matter of if you will use PowerShell, only a matter of when. PowerShell is Microsoft’s management strategy. That doesn’t mean you need to script or use a console. I discussed Exchange 2007 as an example in the podcast. You may use PowerShell and not even realize it. But for complex and hard-core tasks, you will need to drop to the console.

I also encourage people to find a regular IT task that is now performed manually and create a PowerShell alternative. Try to stick to someting you can do with one or two lines of PowerShell. Remember, the goal is to reinforce the idea that PowerShell is first and foremost an interactive management shell. As an alternative, you might also find a short script you use now and achieve the same results with a few lines of PowerShell.  Personally, I think VBScript files using WMI are great targets.

I hope you’ll listen to the podcast and let me know what you think.

PModem and Folder Listings

PowerShell MVP Oisin Grehan posted a very promising PowerShell module the other day. He calls it the PModem File Transfer Protocol. It is based on the old bulletin board file transfer protocols of the late 20th century, which I have to admit I fondly remember using. Of course Oisin’s work intrigued me and after playing with it for a while I realized I needed something else.

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Hanging Out My Shingle

storefront Way, way back in the day professionals would hang out a painted shingle indicating they were open for business. Even if your literacy skills were lacking you could distinguish between a doctor and an undertaker. Although I think sometimes he did both, but that’s another story.

I thought I should officially hang out my “shingle”. In the 21st century, this more often than not means some sort of web presence. In my case, for the time being, this blog is it. I am officially open for business. But what kind of business?

I am an independent IT professional with over 17 years experience, author and trainer. My primary area of focus is Microsoft Windows-based networks and server technologies, with a special emphasis on scripting, automation and Windows PowerShell.  Here’s a short service menu:

  • White papers
  • Magazine features and columns
  • Guest Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Webcasts and online seminars
  • Private training ( I am an MCT and can deliver most Windows infrastructure based curricula) both online and onsite
  • Courseware or training material development
  • Public Speaking and Conferences
  • Custom scripting and automation
  • IT consulting

If your organization could use any of my services or believe I can add value to your company, I hope you’ll contact me: [email protected]. You can also find me on LinkedIn.  Even if you don’t have an immediate need, I would appreciate any referrals you could send my way.

While I obviously have bills to pay, I am always open to projects from non-profit and community-driven organizations. Depending on my current work-load, I am happy to help out on a reduced-rate or even free basis. I feel it is very important to help others who are striving to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Thank You.

Upstate NY PowerShell Users Group

Joel “Jaykul” Bennett, a new PowerShell MVP from Rochester and the mastermind behind and, and I have joined forces to start the Upstate NY PowerShell Users Group. We hope the group will serve anyone interested in Windows PowerShell from Syracuse to Buffalo, although points east and further south and certainly invited. The first meeting will be Wednesday, September 9 at the New Horizons office in Rochester NY. Links to directions and more information can be found here.

I hope you’ll come and help spread the word. Please RSVP by email to [email protected]

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Microsoft MVP 3rd edition

I’m happy to report that I am again a Microsoft MVP for PowerShell the 3rd year in a row. This is always a nerve wracking time of year where I wonder if I did enough for the community and think about what else I could have done. Now I have another year to continue to support the PowerShell and IT Pro community in as many ways possible.