I have a very old VMware ESXi server that has outlived its useful life. The hardware is at least 5 years old and my VMware license has expired. I can still bring up the server and see the virtual machines, but that's about it. I still keep the box so I can run the PowerCLI cmdlets, at least in a … Continue reading

Copy and Mount a CD with PowerCLI

The other day I realized I needed to rebuild my SQL Server 2012 installation which I'm running on a virtual machine running on an ESX box. Given that I have PowerCLI and I like to do things from the command prompt when I can, I decided to mount the SQL Server 2012 ISO on the VM using PowerShell. … Continue reading

Pipeline Power

Last week I came across a blog post that had a decent example using PowerShell and PowerCLI to get the disk location for all virtual machines. The posted code works and does display the information you might be after. $myVMs = get-vm foreach($vm in $myVMs){ $myDisks = @($vm | … Continue reading

PowerCLI VM Peek

Now that I believe I've resolved my hardware issues with my VMware server, I'm expecting to use it much more. I'm also continuing my exploration of the PowerCLI tool set which allows me to manage my virtual infrastructure from a Windows PowerShell session. One task that I frequently need is to … Continue reading