Service Management in an Uncertain Economy


The first chapter of my new eBook from RealTime is now available online. The Executive Guide to Service Management in an Uncertain Economy is a 4 part series on developing an effective service management strategy. The series is intended to demonstrate what steps you can take to align IT and business goals, cut costs, improve efficiency and adopt an IT management approach that may be new to many shops.

The series is as much about IT management (maybe more so) than technical details. I would say the target audience are C-level types and any IT manager or professional with fiscal responsibilities. Even if you don’t feel you are the target, I hope you’ll take a look and perhaps pass it on to the appropriate people in your organization. You can read more about Chapter 1 and download it for free here.

In any event, I hope you’ll let me know what you think.

Out-MSWord Revised

This summer I wrote about a function I developed called Out-MSWord. The function was discussed in my Practical PowerShell column which was published in the free e-Journal Windows Administration in RealTime put out by RealTime Publishers. The original was published in Issue #17 if you are interested. The function accepted pipelined input and created a Microsoft Word document. Naturally, you need to have Microsoft Word installed in order for this to work.

PS C:\> get-service | out-MSWord

The function accepted a number of parameters so you could control font name, size, color, append, and more. The function was written for PowerShell v1.0 but also worked on PowerShell v2.0. However, I was revisiting the function and realize there were places I could tweak, such as adding additional error handing. I also realized that if rewrote this for PowerShell v2.0, I could create an advanced function and take advantage of cmdletbinding, advanced parameters and help.