Convert Transcript to Script

During my PowerShell scripting best practices at Techmentor last week I mentioned a function I had to convert a PowerShell transcript to a script file. Since there’s very little difference between an interactive session and a script, parsing the transcript can yield 80% or more of a script very quickly. I wrote such a function several years ago. What I was really thinking about was my convert history to script function. But, since I mentioned it and a few people have asked, I’ve dusted off the transcript to script function and polished it up for PowerShell 2.0. Continue reading

Join Me in Orlando

Disney Yacht ClubI will be presenting 3 sessions at Techmentor Orlando 2011. The conference runs March 14-18, 2011 at the Disney Yacht Club. My sessions are all on Wednesday March 16. In addition to all the other fabulous material at the conference I will be presenting the following: Continue reading

TechMentor Orlando 2010 Decks and Demos

I had a great time in Orlando at the TechMentor conference. The crowd was enthusiastic and asked good questions. As promised, here are my slide decks and demos. My sessions tend to be heavy on demonstration so I can’t promise you’ll get a ton of value from the decks alone.  You’ll simply have to attend the next TechMentor.

Scripting, Error Handling and Debugging in Windows PowerShell

Top Ten Command Line Tools Every Administrator Should Know

Take Back Your File Server (slides only as demos were live)

I owe the attendees of my error handling and debugging session some additional information since I ran short of time. Stay tuned for future posts on debugging PowerShell 2.0.  Cool stuff.

If you were in one of my sessions and have a follow up question, feel free to post a comment or email me directly: jhicks at  Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm.

TechMentor Orlando 2010

I’m busy polishing my presentations and demos for next week’s Techmentor conference in sunny Orlando, Fl. I’ve been presenting at Techmentor for a number of years now and it is a great show for administrators searching for answers to the problems and challenges they face today. You get intimate sessions with industry experts like Don Jones, Greg Shields, Mark Minasi, Rhonda Layfield, and Jeremy Moskowitz.

I’ll be presenting 3 sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Scripting, Error Handling and Debugging in Windows PowerShell
Start automating complex, multi-step administrative processes by building full-fledged Windows PowerShell scripts. In addition to teaching you PowerShell’s simple scripting languages (fewer than 25 keywords!), you’ll learn to make scripts that are more robust and less frustrating. Windows PowerShell guru Don Jones demonstrates how to build scripts that efficiently deal with errors like timeouts, insufficient permissions, and so on, and provides you with simple directions for quickly debugging a PowerShell script. This powerful session takes you from being a command-line jockey into the rarified company of expert scripters, and Don makes all of his sample code available via e-mail after the conference.

Take Back Your File Servers!
Do you hate the part of your job that involves managing files? Are you struggling to keep on top of what files you have, how old they are, or who they belong to? Are you constantly trying to remove unwanted file types from your network? If so, then the file resource management feature of Windows 2008 has the answer. In this demo-packed session you’ll learn how to build effective file management reports, set up screening rules to block unwanted files and much more. After this session you’ll be eager to get back to work and take your file management skills to the next level.

Top 10 (Non-PowerShell) Command Line Tools you MUST Know
Even though Windows PowerShell is getting all the publicity, there is still plenty of life left in the old C: prompt. Mr. Roboto, Jeffery Hicks will guide you through the top 10 command line tools every Windows administrator should know how to use. These are tools that ship with Windows or are freely downloadable from Microsoft. The emphasis is on tool mastery not scripting so that you can go back to the office and begin using them immediately.

Beyond from my sessions, I’m happy to chat with you about what you’re working on, challenges you face or whatever. I’m happy to sign books. In fact this is one of the few times a year that Don Jones and I are in the same place so if you have Windows PowerShell 2.0: TFM and want it autographed by both authors, this is an excellent opportunity. 

If nothing else, I hope you’ll come up and say hi.

What’s on Your 2010 Agenda?

00436310[1] I can’t figure out what happened to 2009. Now I have to start looking at 2010 and make plans for what I will be working on. Hopefully some of my projects will be things you are interested in and might even help me pay the bills. Here’s what I have planned, at least for the first part of the year.

Continue reading