New PowerShell 3.0 Video Training Course

I am very pleased to announce that my latest course from Trainsignal is now available. PowerShell v3 New Features is a course aimed at those of you who have experience with PowerShell v2. I wanted to create something that you could use as a jump-start into PowerShell v3 so the course focuses on what’s new, different and exciting.

As with my other PowerShell courses you can expect a lot of demos. Sure, I have slides because they make good references, but I think the best way to learn about these new features, such as scheduled jobs, is to see them in action. Here’s a short list of what I cover:

  • shell improvements
  • the new ISE
  • Scheduled jobs
  • web cmdlets
  • updateable help
  • PowerShell workflows
  • constrained endpoint configuration

While I developed this course with the assumption you have previous PowerShell experience, you could use it as a complete novice if you are willing to invest some time in reading help or have access to other reference material like PowerShell in Depth. But in any event, this course is not a complete language reference. I focused on the v3 elements I thought most IT Pros would want to take advantage of immediately.

I hope you find the course worth your investment of time and money.

Send PowerShell Reports by Mail

Today I came across a post about pinging a list of computers and send the results as a table via Outlook. Brian is a very smart Active Directory guy so I offered some PowerShell suggestions to make his task even easier. Obviously you can only offer so much in a blog comment, so I thought I’d drop a few more details here. Continue reading

Background Performance Counters

Windows Powershell makes it relatively easy to collect performance counter information via the Get-Counter cmdlet. Because I’m assuming you want to collect more than a few seconds of performance information, you’ll need to take advantage of PowerShell background jobs if you want your prompt back. Of course, you can always open a second session, but I like the background job approach. Here’s how I’ve been experimenting with this. Continue reading

Get Process Owner

I’ve been working on my second training course for Train Signal on managing Windows Server 2008 with Windows PowerShell, specifically the lesson on managing processes. I thought I’d share a little tidbit I worked out. In fact, I hope you’ll stay tuned for other little goodies over the next several weeks. The training video will have a large amount of demonstration and a lot of sample code and scripts. Here’s one on finding the owner of a process. Continue reading

Windows PowerShell Fundamentals Video Training

I’m very happy to report that my first training offering for Train Signal is now available.  I have assembled a course that should cover just about everything you need to know to get started right away using Windows PowerShell. You can get the course online or on disk. If the disks are like other train signal courses, there should also be versions you can throw on your iPod-like device.

The class, like much of my conference presentations and live training, is full of demos. All of my sample and demo code is part of the course. If you have next to no experience with PowerShell, this is the course to get you going. If you or your company are looking for private instructor led training, use the link on the right to email me.

Here’s a short video excerpt:

Windows PowerShell Fundamentals is available online from Train Signal. And be sure to check out all of their other training products.