ScriptingAnswers Podcast

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the current podcast. I'm on it with Don Jones discussing PowerShell and the latest in scripting and automation news. You can also subscribe via iTunes.Technorati Tags:PowerShell … Continue reading

iPod this Blog

I was browing Google the other day looking for new things to do with my iPod when I came across a site that lets you convert an RSS feed into a note file that you can read on your iPod.  You enter in a URL, click a button and you get a file you can download and save to your iPod.  I … Continue reading

Bundled Add-ons

Some of you are probably aware of the tools I've developed for scripting and managing your network. I offer them for sale individually on my web site. However, if you like a bargain, you can get all three tools, Disk Reporter, ExchangeMonPlus and the Scripting Assistant console at … Continue reading