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$cript Fanatic: Generating TinyURLs from PowerShell

Shay has a nifty little function for generating tiny URLs in PowerShell.
$cript Fanatic: Generating TinyURLs from PowerShell

You could use it in play of the Get-Snurl function from my Out-Twitter function.

ScriptingAnswers Podcast

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the current podcast. I’m on it with Don Jones discussing PowerShell and the latest in scripting and automation news. You can also subscribe via iTunes.

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iPod this Blog

I was browing Google the other day looking for new things to do with my iPod when I came across a site that lets you convert an RSS feed into a note file that you can read on your iPod.  You enter in a URL, click a button and you get a file you can download and save to your iPod.  I thought it was pretty slick. 
So I’ve added a sidebar link under the Atom and RSS links that will “iPodinate” the current RSS feed. Simply click the “Read this site on your iPod” graphic. You’ll be taken to another site which has all the instructions you need.
If you want to automate the process and add other RSS feeds to your iPod, you can download the free iPodulator from the same site.  You have to put up with an ad or two and need Java installed but it gets the job done. I can browse my RSS feeds on my iPod and make even better use of a free minute or two. 
Now. if I could only find a way to have them read to me!

Bundled Add-ons

Some of you are probably aware of the tools I’ve developed for scripting and managing your network. I offer them for sale individually on my web site. However, if you like a bargain, you can get all three tools, Disk Reporter, ExchangeMonPlus and the Scripting Assistant console at If you purchase the bundle, do me a favor and send me an email ([email protected]) so I can add you to my registered user list for each tool. When I have upgrades or new versions I make them free to registered users. (If you purchased a tool from my site and paid via PayPal, you’re automatically covered.)

You can learn more about each tool by following the links at the left.

If you have an administrative need that you’d like to see filled with a tool or utility, let me know. More than likely you’re not the only one who needs it. And if you are the first to request a solution that I develop and market, you get it for free.

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