Mourning Maynard

I’m taking a brief departure from the normal techie nature of the blog to note the passing of jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson. I played trumpet through my college years and have fond memories as a high schoold student seeing Maynard play in person. I can still recall seeing him at a high school jazz concert. My fellow trumpet players and I were in the 3rd or 4th row. Maynard was miked and when he wailed into Conquistador you it was a physical experience. You could feel his playing in your bones. We were a buch of ectastic trumpet geeks. I used to listen to Chameleon before high school jazz band practices to “get in the mood.” If you need a taste of Maynard you can listen to clips from The Essence Of Maynard Ferguson from BMG.

I had the pleasure of seeing Maynard in person several times, generally at high-school gigs or community jazz festivals. He really was a great jazz educator and teacher and was happy to showcase the young musicians in his band.

He was still doing what he loved to do up to the end. We should all be so lucky.

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New Script Search Engine

SAPIEN has rolled out a new search site devoted to administrative scripting. The search engine is tuned to find scripts and information related to scripting. Right now it’s hand tuned to known specific sites with script libraries and the like. Their official announcement can be found here:

SAPIEN Technologies – The Official Blog :: New Search Engine

The search engine site can be found at

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PowerShell TFM available for Pre-Order

Amazon now has PowerShell TFM available for pre-order. They are listing October 2nd as the release date, although don’t be surprised if it is a little later. The book is basically finished, but we’re waiting for the release of PowerShell RC2 so we can incorporate those changes into the book. We’re expecting some significant changes to WMI support and maybe directory services that we really want to include.

Don’t forget you can download a free preview chapter at

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Advanced VBScript Text Stats

Amazon is always coming up with new ways to look at books and buying habits. The latest I came across are text stats. For books where they have access to the content, Amazon will process the text and come up with stats for things like complexity and readability. Because Amazon has the entire Advanced VBScript text, I know that the book has over 128,000 words and 18% of the words are complex. You can see more text stats on the book here.

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More free scripting tools

SAPIEN Technologies has released some free tools for scripters at One of them is the PowerShell help viewer I discussed a few posts back. This is great when you’re in PowerShell and can’t remember a cmdlet’s syntax.

They also have a nifty WMI explorer. This tool lets you browse all WMI namespaces on your computer; showing methods, properties and instances. It doesn’t generate any code like Scriptomatic, but is a good tool to learn about WMI classes and properties.

At some point these tools may be folded into PrimalScript, but they are free for now so grab them while you can.

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