Check for Module Updates

It seems to me that the topic of finding or detecting module updates on the PowerShell Gallery has gotten a lot of interest over the last few days. So I thought I’d contribute my bit of code to check currently installed modules against their online versions in the PowerShell Gallery.

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NIC 2017 Slides and Demos

Nic2017-logoEarlier this month I had the pleasure of presenting at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC). This is still a relatively young conference as these things go, but you couldn’t tell based on my experiences.  Given the demise of TechEd Europe, conferences like this are filling the void, and doing a fantastic job.

The conference draws top speakers who really pack them in.

February 03, 2017 at 0609AM

I gave 2 PowerShell related sessions which from my perspective were well attended.

February 02, 2017 at 0501AM

My presentations were on PowerShell Web Access and how to do more with remoting.  The latter was titled “Secrets of PowerShell Remoting”, but really only secret in the sense that you may not have seen or heard of a few techniques or concepts.

If you’ve attended any of my conference sessions in the past you know I tend to minimize slides and maximize demo time. So even though I’m including a PDF of my slide material it probably won’t have much meaning.

You can download a zip file with my session material.

Secrets of PowerShell Remoting

Managing from the Beach with PowerShell Web Access

The sessions were recorded and at some point should be available on the conference’s YouTube channel.

Creating a Github Gist with PowerShell

Recently I posted a PowerShell tool for creating a GitHub repository. In continuing my exploration of the GitHub API I wrote another PowerShell tool to create a GitHub gist. A gist is simple way to store and share snippets or code samples. I use them to share simple PowerShell scripts or other works that aren’t full blown multi-file modules. Now I can create these gists directly from PowerShell and the PowerShell ISE.

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Ideas and Inspiration

brainideaI received an email the other day from someone who is looking to expand their professional identity and brand. Of course one way to accomplish that is by writing and publishing or sharing your work with others. But this begs the natural question, “How do you know what to write about?” Or as I have often been asked, “Where do you get your ideas?” Since my email pal put these questions to me I thought I’d take a few minutes today to share my thoughts (see what I’m doing?). Continue reading

Storing PowerShell Credentials in JSON

Sometimes I do things in PowerShell just to see what happens. This is a great way to learn about new cmdlets and techniques. Sometimes these experiments lead to useful results. Other times they may end up as teaching devices. Of  course the result could serve both purposes and you may have to decide that today as I look at storing credentials in a JSON file.

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