IT/Dev Connections 2016 Demos

I had a great time in Las Vegas a few weeks ago presenting at IT/Dev Connections. If you attended one of my sessions, thanks for taking the time. I hope found it time well spent. I tend to offer more demo-intensive presentations with minimal PowerPoint, which no one has complained about yet!

In some of my sessions I included a link to a zip file with the relevant demos and sample code but in case you missed it, or I didn’t provide a link during the event, here is a one-stop shop for all of my material.

Everything is offered as-is with no guarantees or support. All of the material is considered educational and nothing should be placed in a production environment unless you have thoroughly tested your scripts and functions in a non-production environment.

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    • I mistyped Mark’s last name in the original link. Try it again with ‘Minasi’ instead of ‘Minani’ and it should work.

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