Logon Script Generator

I’ve developed a new and free HTA, in the “scriptomatic” philosophy, that generates logon scripts. You can pick your drive and print mapping combinations, including checking group membership, and create a working VBScript logon script without having to write a single line of code. The tool reads in lists of available drive and printer UNCs that you provide to populate drop down lists. It will also query Active Directory to search for security enabled groups and present them in drop down lists.

I always like presenting a summary message to the user after logon script completion. The HTA includes options to display the user’s password age, a brief welcome message, a summary of mapped drives and a summary of mapped printers. You can also add customized text for error messages or call additional commands. The tool will preview the final code for you and let you save it to a file.

You can download the tool for free at http://www.jdhitsolutions.com/logonscriptgen/index.htm

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