PWDMan Update

I’ve updated my Password Manager utility. If you haven’t seen this, I wrote about it in my Mr. Roboto column. This tool will scan computers and report the age of the local administrator password. If you’ve renamed the account you can change the account name to check. When finished, you’ll have a nice report showing how old the administrator account password is on all computers. You can print the report or export it to a CSV.

The utility also will change the password on all your computers as well.

The latest version (v1.4) adds support for searching Active Directory, including recursing through all child containers. If you have a small network this should be ok. But be careful as you might end up trying to check computers that no longer exist. There is a ping option you can select to verify the computer is up and running before attempting an password tasks.

Other changes:

    • Added code to support multiple computernames separated by commas.
    • Added an Age Limit alarm so that password ages equal to or greater than this number will be highlighted in red.
    • Added Report Last Run footer.

You can download the latest version, read more as well as see some short videos of the tool in action at

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