Order Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM – Finally!

Yes, its finally true. You can finally get your hands on Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM. The book is being printed so you can get your copy today. You can order it today at ScriptingOutpost.com in both print and ebook format. Or if you prefer the best of both worlds get both as a bundle.

Table of Contents

  1. PowerShell Crash Course
  2. PowerShell Extras
  3. Managing Local Computer Accounts
  4. Managing Local Groups
  5. Managing Active Directory with PowerShell Fundamentals
  6. Managing Active Directory Users
  7. Active Directory Password Management
  8. Managing Active Directory Contacts
  9. Managing Active Directory Groups
  10. Managing Active Directory Computer Accounts
  11. Managing Organizational Units and Containers
  12. Managing Group Policy
  13. Active Directory Security and Permissions
  14. Managing Active Directory with WMI and PowerShell
  15. Using the Active Directory PSDrive Provider
  16. Managing Active Directory Infrastructure
  17. (Appendix A) Managing Active Directory with PowerGUI

You can also download a sample chapter. This title is also available at Amazon.com.

You don’t have to wait for Microsoft before you can begin managing Active Directory with PowerShell. You can start today.

Win a Kindle

Fellow PowerShell MPV (and former SAPIEN colleague) Don Jones is off to a new venture with Redmond Magazines’ Greg Shields. Their offering up a tasty incentive to get people involved with their new site. If you post a relevant comment to one of their blog entries you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free Amazon Kindle.

Don showed my his Kindle the last time we were together and I have to admit it is intriguing. Personally, if Amazon could add a sexy form factor ala Apple, I’d buy one in a heartbeat. Although honestly, I can barely get through books I check out of the library between work, kids, wife and everything else. But who’s going to pass up a free Kindle? Anyway, check out Don’s site and get involved.

Check out http://concentratedtech.com/content/index.php/2008/06/02/amazon-kindle-review-win-one/ for all the details.

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My Published Works

I’m trying out a new Live Write plugin for Amazon. Here is a list of books I have currently authored or co-authored. This list will continue to grow as I’m working on a new book now about managing Active Directory with PowerShell.

WSH and VBScript Core: TFM
by Jeffery Hicks

Read more about this book…

Windows PowerShell v1.0: TFM, 2nd Edition
by Don Jones, Jeffery Hicks

Read more about this book…

Advanced VBScript for Microsoft Windows Administrators (Pro Other)
by Don Jones, Jeffery Hicks

Read more about this book…

I hope you’ll check them out.

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PowerShell TFM back in stock

I’m a little late in posting this, but Amazon.com now has copies of Windows Powershell: TFM back in stock. I know SAPIEN Press is also working on getting the title available through Barnes & Noble and maybe a few other places. When I know of other places, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I also encourage you to post a review or comments on Amazon about the book. We really do listen and pay attention.

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Lost in the Amazon

Still waiting for Amazon to realize they need to order more copies of Windows PowerShell:TFM. Now they state that the book is not available, where it use to say unavailable. What difference does that make? You still can’t order the book. The latest I’ve heard is that Amazon has not re-order and will not until their computer system tells them to. It is all automated. Well don’t you think if a product is not available and the publisher is telling you there’s no re-order, wouldn’t a real person step in?

I’m all for automation and efficiency but that doesn’t mean you abdicate all responsibility.

Sorry for the rant, but it’s frustrating when we know people would like to buy the book, but can’t. Well at least not from Amazon. ScriptingOutpost has plenty of copies. Still, if you want to purchase from Amazon, I encourage you to contact them. Ask them if the book is in stock. If not, has it been ordered? When will it arrive? You gotta hope they’ll listen to customers.

If you contact Amazon and get a response, I hope you’ll share it with me.

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