Updated Domain Password Script

This month’s Mr. Roboto column offers a script you can use with PowerShell to build a domain password report. There were few issues that came up which have since been resolved. You can download the latest version, currently 1.2 at www.jdhitsolutions.com/scripts in the Mr. Roboto section.

Waynes World of Tips

I’ve blogged in the past about Wayne Martin and his outstanding list of command line tips. These are one line commands, some complex some simple, that you can use to accomplish a wide range of task. The overall number of tips is to 425 and Wayne recently reorganized them into 7 categories to make it easier for people to digest. There’s very little scripting with any of these commands. Most use native or freely available command line tools. But because they are executed from a command line you could incorporate them into a script. I encourage you to check them out.

The single list:


The same commands split into categories:








Order Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM – Finally!

Yes, its finally true. You can finally get your hands on Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM. The book is being printed so you can get your copy today. You can order it today at ScriptingOutpost.com in both print and ebook format. Or if you prefer the best of both worlds get both as a bundle.

Table of Contents

  1. PowerShell Crash Course
  2. PowerShell Extras
  3. Managing Local Computer Accounts
  4. Managing Local Groups
  5. Managing Active Directory with PowerShell Fundamentals
  6. Managing Active Directory Users
  7. Active Directory Password Management
  8. Managing Active Directory Contacts
  9. Managing Active Directory Groups
  10. Managing Active Directory Computer Accounts
  11. Managing Organizational Units and Containers
  12. Managing Group Policy
  13. Active Directory Security and Permissions
  14. Managing Active Directory with WMI and PowerShell
  15. Using the Active Directory PSDrive Provider
  16. Managing Active Directory Infrastructure
  17. (Appendix A) Managing Active Directory with PowerGUI

You can also download a sample chapter. This title is also available at Amazon.com.

You don’t have to wait for Microsoft before you can begin managing Active Directory with PowerShell. You can start today.

Updated Domain Password Report

My September Mr. Roboto column covers a PowerShell script you can use to create a domain password report. I also demo’d the script at the NYC Techmentor conference this past week. Since then I realized a mistake in the way that I laid out the script. I had nested a function within another function which worked fine for most of the script when I called the outer function. However, I was also calling the nested function directly which was causing the error. The solution was to move the nested function and make it the first function in the script. This way it can be used by the other function and the rest of the script.

I’ve posted an updated version of the script at http://www.jdhitsolutions.com/scripts in the Mr. Roboto section. It will have a 1.1 version number.

Please be aware this isn’t the speediest of scripts and as with all scripts, make sure you test in a non-production environment first.


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