Get Your Free Scripting Toolkit

If you were at this year's TechEd event in New Orleans, I hoped you dropped by the SAPIEN Technologies booth and picked up your free Scripting Toolkit. What's that you say? Check it out on the SAPIEN blog and then download your free copy.

In the Beginning and at the End was the Command Line

I just finished reading a terrific essay (or short book) on the nature of operating systems and how we interact with them. The book is In the Beginning…was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson. The book was written about 10 years ago so some of the material might seem a little dated. But for those of us in the industry at the time it makes for a warm reminiscence for the good ol’ days. And if this was before your time, I think it makes for a helpful history lesson which explains a lot about where we are today. For a Neal Stephenson work, this book is exceptionally brief, but well written (you were expecting otherwise?) with more than a few illuminating metaphors.

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Windows PowerShell 1.0: TFM Free-eBook

Now that SAPIEN Press is on the verge of releasing Windows PowerShell 2.0: TFM (, they are making the first edition version of the book available as a free e-book. While you won’t learn about new features like remoting, there’s still plenty of useful information and you can’t beat the price. You can download the file at

Unboxing The Rookie

This is a little outside the normal topics of conversation but I know many of you are Scott Sigler fans so I thought I’d share. I just received my signed and numbered(#1425/3000) copy of The Rookie from Scott. You need to order yours just as soon as you finish watching my unveiling.

Revising Windows PowerShell: TFM 3rd

header_sapien_press I know there was some concern related to my departure from SAPIEN about the status of the Windows PowerShell: TFM book. You’ll be happy to know that Don Jones and I are both involved now in the final revisions.  SAPIEN is very committed to this project and supporting the PowerShell community and I’m very happy that this book will finally make it onto your bookshelf.

No official word on final publication but I think we’d all like it to be available by the time PowerShell v2.0 ships with WIndows 7 this fall.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details.