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This week's Windows Tip Sheet column is about opening an Explorer window from the command prompt. One of my readers sent me an email about using this tip in Vista: I’m currently running Vista and when I type “explorer.exe /e, %cd%” I get the same results as “explorer.exe /e /root, … Continue reading

Revisit an old friend

I have a new blog at the SAPIEN blog that is a visit to an old friend, DosKey. Now, before you dismiss this as old-fashioned, take a moment to read the article and try it out. If you spend a lot of time at a command prompt, DosKey can make you more efficient. You can even use it to execute … Continue reading

Batch File Logs

I've always liked creating audit logs in my VBScript work, but could never figure out how to create a nicely formatted log from a batch file. Now I have. See http://sapien.eponym.com/blog/_archives/2006/11/20/2513469.html for the details.Technorati Tags:Batch … Continue reading

More One Liners

I recently did a TipSheet column listing some of my favorite quick, one line commands. Reader Wayne was kind enough to share with me his list of oft-used one-liners which he graciously offered to share. I have not tested many of these personally, but you always test things in a non-production … Continue reading

Techmentor: FOR examples

The FOR command is one of the most important commands you can use as a Windows administrator. I have a short article on the command you can download at http://www.jdhitsolutions.com/tutorials.htm (grab the FOR Essentials link) . Here are few of the examples I used in the Commandline Script … Continue reading