Win a Kindle

Fellow PowerShell MPV (and former SAPIEN colleague) Don Jones is off to a new venture with Redmond Magazines’ Greg Shields. Their offering up a tasty incentive to get people involved with their new site. If you post a relevant comment to one of their blog entries you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free Amazon Kindle.

Don showed my his Kindle the last time we were together and I have to admit it is intriguing. Personally, if Amazon could add a sexy form factor ala Apple, I’d buy one in a heartbeat. Although honestly, I can barely get through books I check out of the library between work, kids, wife and everything else. But who’s going to pass up a free Kindle? Anyway, check out Don’s site and get involved.

Check out for all the details.

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SAPIEN Scripting Makeover Contest

In case you missed it, or perhaps you’ve let it slide, you really need to take a look at the Scripting Makeover contest that SAPIEN Technologies is running. The contest winner gets over $20,000 in automation related products and services.

Essentially, you submit your company or organization (there are some rules) and provide some adminisitrative tasks that you’d like to see automated or improved. What are you doing now that could be done better, faster and more efficiently. SAPIEN will come in and automate your problem processes, plus train administrators, plus provide software, books and more.

Here’s what you can win:

  • Up to a full week of on-site scripting training from scripting guru Don Jones, for up to twelve Windows administrators in your organization. You’ll receive training in Windows PowerShell, VBScript, and other tools and technologies designed to help automate those troublesome tasks!
  • Additional online and on-site consulting to help automate 5 of your most time-consuming and repetitive Windows administration tasks.
  • Free access to a helpful online community for Windows scripting and automation topics.
  • SAPIEN Technologies software for up to twelve Windows administrators, including our popular and award-winning PrimalScript 4 Enterprise visual script development environment.
  • Additional scripting- and automation-related books, self-paced training materials, and more – a complete training and reference library for your company or organization! Includes titles from the popular University training series, as well as the TFM series of books from SAPIEN Press.

The deadline for applications is April 30, 2007. Visit for all the information you need.