Turning IPConfig DNSCache into PowerShell

Lately I’ve been writing about techniques to turn command line tools into PowerShell tools. Although I suppose the more accurate description is turning command line output into PowerShell pipelined output. The goal is to run a command line tool and write objects to the PowerShell pipeline so I can do other operations with them. Today I have another example that takes the DNS cache from IPConfig and turns it into a collection of PowerShell objects. Continue reading

Waynes World of Tips

I’ve blogged in the past about Wayne Martin and his outstanding list of command line tips. These are one line commands, some complex some simple, that you can use to accomplish a wide range of task. The overall number of tips is to 425 and Wayne recently reorganized them into 7 categories to make it easier for people to digest. There’s very little scripting with any of these commands. Most use native or freely available command line tools. But because they are executed from a command line you could incorporate them into a script. I encourage you to check them out.

The single list:


The same commands split into categories:








More CLI One-Liners

In the past I’ve posted a collection of command one-liners that get a ton of work done with (relatively) minimal effort. Many of these have come from Wayne Martin. I’ve been behind in my blogging while book writing, but I wanted to make sure you checked out his latest list at:


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