Objects are the answer

As I usually do, I was helping out in the forums at ScriptingAnswers.com. A member had several variables that he wanted to show as a group. As is almost always the case, the answer in PowerShell is object. I talk about this all the time in classes, conferences and online chitchat. Let me offer up a … Continue reading

New File Shortcut

I've been looking at the File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) feature in Windows Server 2008 R2 a lot lately. One very nice part of FSRM is the ability to schedule typical file management tasks. One of the examples from the Microsoft storage team is to create a custom task to move old files to … Continue reading

Get Disk Quota

During a recent class I was teaching, a student asked about a way to get disk quota reports from Windows file servers.  I knew there was a WMI class, Win32_DiskQuota, and had some old VBScript files. However, they were pretty basic and not as robust as I would have liked. So I worked up PowerShell … Continue reading

All Hail Dir UseALot!

Some of you know my relationship with the a command prompt goes back a long, long way. Naturally I became very adept at using the DIR command, fully taking advantage of its switches to tease out hidden information or to quickly get just the information I wanted. When PowerShell first came out, I … Continue reading

Is That Folder Empty?

In keeping with my recent trend of offering solutions based on PowerShell v2.0, here's a function I've revised to test if a folder is empty. I can't recall where I used the original function or if I ever did. But I came across it recently and decided to give it a facelift. Manually determining if … Continue reading