Will Verizon FiOS Change My Life?

fiberoptic I work at home and for the longest time this has meant cable service for Internet access through Time-Warner Cable. Sadly, there was never a viable alternative so I always felt trapped. I need broadband speeds for work but had no choices, until now. Verizon recently decided to resume building out their FiOS network in my area, including my neighborhood. As you can imagine I was quite excited about the prospect of at least having an alternative. But given the promised Internet speeds and pricing it seemed like a no-brainer to switch. And I have.

The TV part of the bundle is nice so far, but personally for me it’s all about the speed. So I prepared a little before and after video.

I also tested my Yoga 2 Tablet over my wireless network. Granted, the wireless will cut down on my throughput. Here’s the before:

Yoga2-SpeedTest-1And here’s the after:

Yoga2-SpeedTest-2If I am in the same room as the access point the speeds are almost identical to my laptop.

Clearly FiOS speeds win and overall I don’t think I’m paying much more than what I was paying Time-Warner and I’m definitely receiving better value overall thus far. Verizon says to keep your old equipment and account for a bit to make sure you are happy. But I see no reason to go back.  On one hand I realize I might be trading one necessary evil for another, but for now I think I’ll enjoy the honeymoon.