PowerShell Deep Dive Formatting and Extensions

I just found out I will be presenting at the PowerShell Deep Dive April 18-19 that is part of TEC 2011. This promises to be THE PowerShell event everyone has been waiting for. I’ll be presenting on format and type extensions.

Mastering Format and Type Extensions

Windows PowerShell is designed with administrators in mind. The goal is to present the most useful information to you with the least amount of effort. But sometimes you need something out of the box. Do you have a preferred way to view process objects that requires scripting every time? Does your script create a custom object that you would like formatted in a specific manner? This session will explain PowerShell’s formatting system and how to master it with your own formatting and type extension files, including how to incorporate these files into your scripts and modules

I’m excited about this conference and home to see many of you there. Seats are limited so make your plans sooner rather than later. Here’s the place to start.

Friday Fun – More PowerShell Bingo

For last week’s Friday Fun, I posted a PowerShell script to create a traditional Bingo card. I hoped you would also learn a few PowerShell concepts along the way. This week I’ve taken this to the next level, and have a complete module that not only creates the card but also let’s you play the game. There’s a lot going on here with regular expressions, custom view PS1XML files, variable scope and more. Continue reading

Friday Fun – The Kitchen Sink Prompt

On my last Friday Fun post on PowerShell prompts, I got a terrific comment from Bart Vandyck about his prompt which has just about everything you would want. I too have a “kitchen sink” prompt, that is to say, one with the proverbial “everything but the kitchen sink”. Or you might consider this an extreme prompt. Continue reading