Friday Fun: A Better Test-WsMan

I saw a question on Facebook about how to get Test-WsMan to return a simple Boolean result. The Test-Connection cmdlet has a -Quiet parameter that makes this possible. But Test-Wsman does not.  Certainly, you could script a comparable outcome. Here's one way: … Continue reading

Finding Git Repositories with PowerShell

As part of my ongoing improvement process this year I am starting to use Git much more. Yesterday I posted an article with my PowerShell script to create a new project folder which includes creating a Git repository. My challenge has been that I don't always remember what I have set up with Git and … Continue reading

Managing PowerShell Functions

Most of you probably know I've been using PowerShell since its beta days which now means I have about 10 years worth of PowerShell files. I find it hard to throw anything away. Over this time frame my PowerShell profile scripts have also grown, often loading functions that I've come up with. The … Continue reading

A Better PowerShell More

In PowerShell, when I have a lot of output, I can use the legacy command to page the results to the screen. [crayon-58e2260d5b269328009449/] There's not anything inherently wrong with this approach. Although one drawback is that it doesn't work in the PowerShell ISE. For that reason … Continue reading

Friday Fun: Size Me Up

Part of day job involves creating training material, often in the form of video training for Pluralsight or articles for Since I usually am covering PowerShell I often need to capture a PowerShell session. And sometimes I want the screen to be a particular size. So over time I've created … Continue reading