Friday Fun: The Measure of a Folder

Last week, I demonstrated how to measure a file with PowerShell. This week let's go a step further and measure a folder. I'm going to continue to use Measure-Object although this time I will need to use it to measure numeric property values. Here's the complete function after which I'll point … Continue reading

PowerShell Clean Up Tools

A few years ago I think I posted some PowerShell clean up tools. These were functions designed to help clear out old files, especially for folders like TEMP. Recently I decided to upgrade them to at least PowerShell 3.0 to take advantage of v3 cmdlets and features. I use these periodically to clean … Continue reading

Getting Top Level Folder Report in PowerShell

One of the sessions I presented recently at TechDays San Francisco was on file share management with PowerShell. One of the scripts I demonstrated was for a function to get information for top level folders. This is the type of thing that could be handy to run say against the root of your shared … Continue reading

File Age Groupings with PowerShell

I'm always talking about how much the object-nature of PowerShell makes all the difference in the world. Today, I have another example. Let's say you want to analyze a directory, perhaps a shared group folder for a department. And you want to identify files that haven't been modified in a while. I … Continue reading

Friday Fun: Edit Recent File

As you might imagine I work on a lot of PowerShell projects at the same time. Sometimes I'll start something at the beginning of the week and then need to come back to it at the end of the week. The problem is that I can't always remembered what I called the file. So I end up listing files, sorting … Continue reading