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Friday Fun Create Numbered File

I was working on my guest commentary for the upcoming Scripting Games and started thinking I would need a line numbered version of my solution to help explain. Turns out I didn’t go down that road, but in the process I put together a little PowerShell to take a text file and create a line numbered version. Continue reading Friday Fun Create Numbered File

Get-NumberedContent v2

I wasn’t completely satisfied with the updated version of my Get-NumberedContent function. You should still refer to the earlier post for details on how to use the function. But I had some issues with the previous version and realized there were a few bugs. I’ve since updated the Get-NumberedContent function.

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More Fun with Get-NumberedContent

As much fun as the original Get-NumberedContent function was after using it for awhile I realized I had imposed some limitations. I also realized it needed to be more flexible. What if someone wanted to specify a different color or use a different comment character such as a ; in an ini file? I also thought of a few more useful features, so I went back to my script editor and came up with a PowerShell v2.0 version of the function.

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