PowerShell ISE New Function

Yesterday I showed how to add a menu choice to the PowerShell ISE to insert the current date and time. Today I have something even better. At least it’s something I’ve needed for awhile. I write a lot of advanced functions in PowerShell. I’m often cutting and pasting from previous scripts and generally not being very efficient. Shame on me. What I needed when using the ISE was a way to load a function template. Here’s what I came up with. Continue reading

PowerShell ISE Insert DateTime

I still don’t leverage the PowerShell Integrated Script Editor (ISE) as much as I should. But after reading a few recent entries from The Scripting Guys on inserting help and headers into a script, I thought I’d dig in a little more. I’ve a few things to share but today I want to show you what I did to insert a datetime into a script. Continue reading