iTunes Lyrics Viewer HTA

I’ve been toying around with the iTunes COM object (iTunes.Application) which gives you some pretty handy control over the iTunes application. I was particularly interested in having something display song lyrics so I developed an HTA that displays album art, artist and song information and lyrics. The tool will refresh whenever a new song is played. If no lyrics are available a link will be provided that might help you find lyrics to The link will open in an external browser window and is a “best guess” based on iTunes song information. If the song does not show up, you can probably still search the site for lyrics. This version does not update lyrics. You’ll have to do that manually.

If you attempt to close iTunes and get a message about another application using iTunes, close the HTA first. If iTunes is not running, when you launch the HTA it will also launch iTunes.

The HTA is not intended as an iTunes replacement, although you could certainly extend the functionality. At some point, I might add better code to find lyrics and even update the song in iTunes. If someone else comes up with code like that, I hope they’ll share.

You can download the zip file with the HTA at

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