There’s Sum-thing Happening Here

I am one of those IT Pros who keeps close tabs on system resources. I like to know what is being used and by what. As you might imagine, a cmdlet like Get-Process, is pretty useful to me. One of the things I'm always checking is how much memory Google Chrome is taking. I don't mean to pick on … Continue reading

Friday Fun: The Measure of a Folder

Last week, I demonstrated how to measure a file with PowerShell. This week let's go a step further and measure a folder. I'm going to continue to use Measure-Object although this time I will need to use it to measure numeric property values. Here's the complete function after which I'll point … Continue reading

Friday Fun: The Measure of a File

I've been working with PowerShell since the days of Monad and have written a lot of PowerShell scripts. Out of idle curiosity, and the need for a Friday Fun topic, I decided to see how many lines of PowerShell I have written. Or at least that are in my Scripts folder. Turns out I have 2003 ps1 … Continue reading