Getting Top Level Folder Report in PowerShell

One of the sessions I presented recently at TechDays San Francisco was on file share management with PowerShell. One of the scripts I demonstrated was for a function to get information for top level folders. This is the type of thing that could be handy to run say against the root of your shared … Continue reading

Friday Fun: Get Latest PowerShell Scripts

Probably like many of you I keep almost all of my scripts in a single location. I'm also usually working on multiple items at the same time. Some times I have difficult remembering the name of a script I might have been working on a few days ago that I need to return to. The concept is simple … Continue reading

Get File Utilization by Extension

In the past I've posted a few PowerShell functions that provide all types of file and folder information. The other day I had a reason to revisit one of them and I spent a little time revising and expanding. This new function, Get-Extension will search a given folder and create a custom object for … Continue reading

Get Process Detail

The other day I posted a snippet of code that I as using to monitor process memory utilization for a few web browsers. I thought the information and technique were useful enough to modularize in the form of a function. Perhaps I want to check working set on a different process or even on a … Continue reading