Friday Fun: Messagebox Writer

For today's fun I'm revisiting a topic I'm sure I've written about in the past and that is creating a graphical message box in PowerShell. There are a few ways you can do this from using the Visual Basic classes, the old standard WScript.Shell object from VBScript or using WinForms. They all … Continue reading

PowerShell Messagebox

Recently I posted an article explaining how to create a popup box in PowerShell using the Wscript.Shell COM object from our VBScript days. That was something I presented at the PowerShell Summit. Another option is a MessageBox, again like we used to use in VBScript. This works very much like the … Continue reading

Friday Fun Get MessageBox

Today's Friday Fun offers a way for you to graphically interact with your PowerShell scripts and functions without resorting to a lot of complex Winform scripting. I have a function that you can use to display an interactive message box complete with buttons like Yes, No or Cancel. You can either … Continue reading