Mr. Roboto Scripts

I'm slowly trying to revise my main web site. The original site had a script library page where all of my old Mr. Roboto scripts resided for download. Unfortunately, in many of the online Mr. Roboto articles the link they provided doesn't work now. So if you are looking for my old scripts, … Continue reading

Absolute Beginning PowerShell

I was looking at my current Mr. Roboto column “Polish Your Shell” on learning PowerShell by starting with 3 basic commands and noticed a lengthy and serious comment. I’ve always felt PowerShell is easy to use and learn, which was the point of my column.  However, the comments paint a … Continue reading

New Blog in development

I know I haven’t posted much this month.  I’m trying to get a new blog setup where I can offer more value and especially an easy way for you to download script and code samples.  In the mean time you can find me on “InterTubes” at Mr. Roboto, Prof. PowerShell and The Lonely AD … Continue reading

Updated Domain Password Script

This month's Mr. Roboto column offers a script you can use with PowerShell to build a domain password report. There were few issues that came up which have since been resolved. You can download the latest version, currently 1.2 at in the Mr. Roboto … Continue reading

Updated Domain Password Report

My September Mr. Roboto column covers a PowerShell script you can use to create a domain password report. I also demo'd the script at the NYC Techmentor conference this past week. Since then I realized a mistake in the way that I laid out the script. I had nested a function within another function … Continue reading