Get Common Data

While judging entries in this year's Scripting Games I realized there were some common properties that were repeatedly used. This got me thinking about a simple way to retrieve that information with a single command Then you could access the data values from within your script. I've put together a … Continue reading

Get File Hash

The other day I had the need to calculate MD5 file hashes in order to compare files. The PowerShell Community Extensions has a nifty cmdlet, Get-Hash, that does exactly that. Unfortunately, sometimes even free tools like this aren't an option, as in the case of my client. Or they don't go far … Continue reading

Friday Fun: Let’s Play Bingo!

Today Campers we're playing Bingo. Or at least getting ready to. This week I have some PowerShell code that will create a BINGO card. For those of you outside of North America you might need to take a crash course on this game. But even if you don't play, this article will demonstrate some useful … Continue reading

Objects are the answer

As I usually do, I was helping out in the forums at A member had several variables that he wanted to show as a group. As is almost always the case, the answer in PowerShell is object. I talk about this all the time in classes, conferences and online chitchat. Let me offer up a … Continue reading

Get Parent Process

Recently I helping out on a post in the forums at The question centered around identifying processes on a computer and their parent process. There are many ways you could slice and dice this problem using WMI and Get-WmiObject. Getting the parent process ID is pretty simple, … Continue reading