Ping IP Range

Last week I came across a post on using PowerShell, or more specifically a .NET Framework class, to ping a range of computers in an IP subnet. The original post by Thomas Maurer is here. I added a comment. And after looking at this again I decided to take the ball and run with it a bit further. I'm … Continue reading

Convert Text to Object

Today I have another tool in my new battle regarding turning command line tools into PowerShell tools. The bottom line is we want to have objects written to the pipeline. At the PowerShell Deep Dive in Frankfurt there was a suggestion about providing tools to help with the transformation from CLI … Continue reading

Select Object Properties with Values

Here's another concept I know I've written about in the past but that needed an update. A common technique I use when exploring and discovering objects is to pipe the object to Select-Object specifying all properties, get-service spooler | select *. There's nothing wrong with this approach but … Continue reading