Send PowerShell Reports by Mail

Today I came across a post about pinging a list of computers and send the results as a table via Outlook. Brian is a very smart Active Directory guy so I offered some PowerShell suggestions to make his task even easier. Obviously you can only offer so much in a blog comment, so I thought I’d drop a few more details here. Continue reading

Test-Subnet WinForm

Recently, I posted an entry on how to ping an IP subnet with PowerShell. Using objects in the PowerShell pipeline is a good thing. But sometimes we want a GUI and I figured the ping subnet script would make a good WinForm script. Continue reading

Ping IP Range

Last week I came across a post on using PowerShell, or more specifically a .NET Framework class, to ping a range of computers in an IP subnet. The original post by Thomas Maurer is here. I added a comment. And after looking at this again I decided to take the ball and run with it a bit further. I’m a big proponent of PowerShell tools that are object oriented and that can add real value to the pipeline. To that end I wrote Test-Subnet. Continue reading