Out-MSWord Revised

This summer I wrote about a function I developed called Out-MSWord. The function was discussed in my Practical PowerShell column which was published in the free e-Journal Windows Administration in RealTime put out by RealTime Publishers. The original was published in Issue #17 if you are interested. The function accepted pipelined input and created a Microsoft Word document. Naturally, you need to have Microsoft Word installed in order for this to work.

PS C:\> get-service | out-MSWord

The function accepted a number of parameters so you could control font name, size, color, append, and more. The function was written for PowerShell v1.0 but also worked on PowerShell v2.0. However, I was revisiting the function and realize there were places I could tweak, such as adding additional error handing. I also realized that if rewrote this for PowerShell v2.0, I could create an advanced function and take advantage of cmdletbinding, advanced parameters and help.