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Test-Subnet WinForm

Recently, I posted an entry on how to ping an IP subnet with PowerShell. Using objects in the PowerShell pipeline is a good thing. But sometimes we want a GUI and I figured the ping subnet script would make a good WinForm script. Continue reading Test-Subnet WinForm

Putting the Squeeze on Files with PowerShell

My December Mr. Roboto column is now online This month’s tool is a PowerShell WinForm script that uses WMI to compress files. I used PrimalForms 2009 to build the graphical interface. The interface is essentially a wizard that lets you build a WMI query to find files and compress them. 


Results can be logged to a CSV file or you can merely list the files that match the search criteria. Here’s a code excerpt.

The script has (I think) a nice example of providing popup help. Download SearchSqueeze.zip

Thanks to Wes Stahler for being such a willing lab rat.

Add Tooltip help to your PrimalForms script

primalforms.pngI’ve been doing some work lately in the newest version of SAPIEN’s PrimalForms 2009. I like to make my scripts as user friendly as possible without forcing someone to read lengthy and boring documentation. One technique that I’ve started using is to use a ToolTip control and offer a short description or instruction when the mouse hovers over a control. Let me show you. This techinque should also work with the free PrimalForms Community Edition, although you’ll need to take a few extra steps to add the necessary code.

Continue reading Add Tooltip help to your PrimalForms script