Domain Controller PowerShell Prompt

The other day I passed on a tweet I came across about creating a PowerShell prompt that displayed the domain controller that authenticated you. The original post was in a NetApp forum. Later I realized what was posted was something specific to NetApp's PowerShell Toolkit. But you can use the same … Continue reading

Friday Fun PowerShell Pep Talk

Today's Friday Fun is meant to help get you excited about the upcoming Scripting Games. I want to add a little pep to your PowerShell prompt. Perhaps it will even keep you motivated. What I have for you today are variety of prompt functions. Consider them variations on a theme. … Continue reading

Friday Fun – The Kitchen Sink Prompt

On my last Friday Fun post on PowerShell prompts, I got a terrific comment from Bart Vandyck about his prompt which has just about everything you would want. I too have a "kitchen sink" prompt, that is to say, one with the proverbial "everything but the kitchen sink". Or you might consider this an … Continue reading

Friday Fun – More Prompts

Not too long ago I offered up a tasting of PowerShell prompts 3 ways. My first offering were variations on displaying the current date and time. But a PowerShell prompt can do much more. For today's Friday Fun I present a duo of of calculating prompts. … Continue reading