Thursday Treat – A PowerShell Word Find Game

Now for something completely different but hopefully a little fun. I’m a big fan of word games and puzzles. Tim Bolton has assembled a few PowerShell themed crosswords, which you can find on his blog. I’ve always like word finds so I put together a pretty simple one using 16 common PowerShell cmdlet names.

You can find cmdlet names forwards, backwards and diagonally. I used full cmdlet names like Where-Object, but omitted the dash, so you would be looking for WhereObject. By the way, that is not one of the names in the puzzle. If people like this I might create some more using a larger grid and perhaps extending the content to include aliases, concepts or anything else that seems fun.

To play, I guess you could print this page. Or you can download this PDF document. The puzzle is on Page 1 and the solution is on Page 2. Enjoy!