Service Management in an Uncertain Economy


The first chapter of my new eBook from RealTime is now available online. The Executive Guide to Service Management in an Uncertain Economy is a 4 part series on developing an effective service management strategy. The series is intended to demonstrate what steps you can take to align IT and business goals, cut costs, improve efficiency and adopt an IT management approach that may be new to many shops.

The series is as much about IT management (maybe more so) than technical details. I would say the target audience are C-level types and any IT manager or professional with fiscal responsibilities. Even if you don’t feel you are the target, I hope you’ll take a look and perhaps pass it on to the appropriate people in your organization. You can read more about Chapter 1 and download it for free here.

In any event, I hope you’ll let me know what you think.

Architecting the Right Solution for Strong Authentication

esarssa[1] My first project with RealTime Publishers is now available. I wrote a short 3 part series on strong authentication: Architecting the Right Solution for Strong Authentication sponsored by Imprivata.


“Insufficient security is a hidden problem that many businesses are not fully aware of until it is too late. Weak authentication, silos of compliance reporting, a multitude of management tools, and poor security practices contribute to data breaches and compromised systems and leave organizations vulnerable to other pervasive threats. Fortunately, strong authentication systems can address these issues. A combination of consolidated identity management, single sign-on services, and comprehensive compliance reporting can reduce compliance costs, improve security, and remove significant drag on innovation. The Essentials Series: Architecting the Right Solution for Strong Authentication examines ways in which weak authentication hampers business operations, criteria for selecting a strong authentication system, and tips on how to deploy and manage strong authentication systems to control risks and improve the efficiency of business operations. “


You can download the chapters individually or as a zip file.  I hope you’ll take a look.

New Writing Projects

I have some new writing projects coming up with RealTime Publishers. Topics will be IT-focused but not necessarily scripting related. As projects get closer to publication I’ll be sure to share the news. I know that some of the articles will be aimed at IT management so I hope you’ll pass on the information when it becomes available.

I also will be working on some new features for REDMOND Magazine on PowerShell v2.0 and Window Server 2008. Look for these later this Fall.

Practical PowerShell Scripts and Code

If you’ve been reading the Windows Administration in RealTime ejournal, I hope you’ve enjoyed my Practical PowerShell column. If not, you’re missing out. Each column solves a real-world and practical problem with PowerShell. I explain how the PowerShell code works and why. It’s not only a great way to learn PowerShell but you also get function code you can use immediately. The eJournal is still pretty new and we’re working out the publication kinks. For example, you may have been wondering where to get your hands on the code in my column. Future columns will have a link to a download file. But for the first couple of columns you can get the code samples here:

Volume 1 No. 1

Volume 1 No. 2

All downloads will be in zip files. Any script will be renamed as a text file so be sure to rename accordingly. If you need help with any of the code or other PowerShell problems, post them in the PowerShell forum at

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