Mr. Roboto Scripts

I'm slowly trying to revise my main web site. The original site had a script library page where all of my old Mr. Roboto scripts resided for download. Unfortunately, in many of the online Mr. Roboto articles the link they provided doesn't work now. So if you are looking for my old scripts, use this direct link: The Mr. Roboto scripts will be at the bottom of the page.


Earlier this year I wrote an article for REDMOND Magazine about the new backup features in Windows Server 2008 R2. I’m not going to re-hash the article here except to say it includes some sample scripts on using the WBADMIN command line tool. One of the scripts is an old-school batch file.

The batch file included code to create a directory that included a time stamp, like \\mycompany-dc01\backup\RESEARCHDC\12152009_132532 where the last portion is the month, day, year, hour, minute and second. My original code parsed out these values from the %TIME% variable.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take into account situations where the time mght not have two digits like 1:00AM. In those situations the code tries to create a folder like \\mycompany-dc01\backup\RESEARCHDC\12152009_ 10000 which fails because of the space. To correct this I needed to add a line to check for the space in the variable, %h% and if found, define a new value with a leading 0.

This sort of thing is much, much easier in Windows PowerShell, by the way. But regardless, I now have an updated batch file.
[cc lang=”DOS”]

You can download the batch file here. Rename it to .bat.

This Old Script

I’m very slowly revising my main web site. The upshot for now is that there is no direct link to my old script library. Many of my Mr. Roboto tools can be found on this page. Until I can finish the upgrade project, you can use this link, to take you directly to the old page.  Enjoy.

R.I.P. Mr. Roboto

MrRoboto I have some sad news to share today. The March 2010 Mr. Roboto column is to be the last.  It seems that REDMOND is revamping somewhat and my column is being retired.  But it has been a long run, and to be honest, the column has run its course.  I’ve been doing the column for several years, and the original Mr. Roboto, Don Jones, did it for awhile before then. So it’s probably time.

All of the past Mr. Roboto articles will remain available online. I expect to contribute to REDMOND in the future in other ways so I hope you’ll stay tuned. And (as far as I know now), my Prof. PowerShell columns will continue to be published on

I appreciate all the warm, and thoughtful comments over the years about the column. I hope it has helped in some small way at one time or another. I’ll continue the Mr. Roboto philosophy in other projects and this blog.

It will be nice to get out of this iron monkey suit.

Domo Arigato

New Writing Projects

I have some new writing projects coming up with RealTime Publishers. Topics will be IT-focused but not necessarily scripting related. As projects get closer to publication I’ll be sure to share the news. I know that some of the articles will be aimed at IT management so I hope you’ll pass on the information when it becomes available.

I also will be working on some new features for REDMOND Magazine on PowerShell v2.0 and Window Server 2008. Look for these later this Fall.