Formal Remote ISE Connections

I have updated my PowerShell tools that make it easier to open up a remote tab in the PowerShell ISE.  The standard approach is limited and doesn't allow for things like using SSL or different ports.  I have had the ISERemoteTab project up on GitHub for awhile. I recently added a WPF-based … Continue reading

PowerShell ISE Remote Possibilities

Normally, I think of the PowerShell ISE as a script development tool. I typically don't think of it as a daily management tool, primarily because everything shares the same scope and if you are running scripts and aren't careful can sometimes lead to unexpected results. But the ISE feature I really … Continue reading

The PowerShell Night Shift

A few days ago I got a question on Twitter on how to push a long running command to the background but would also survive a user logoff. This is a pretty standard practice in the Linux world. In PowerShell we've had similar operations using the Start-Job cmdlet. With Start-Job you can run a … Continue reading

Get Remote PowerShell Session Connections

During a recent PowerShell training class we naturally covered PowerShell remoting. During the discussion I explained that a remote PSSession is essentially transparent to any currently logged on user. Unless of course you reboot the computer! One way you can identify a remote session is by the … Continue reading