Get Remote PowerShell Session Connections

During a recent PowerShell training class we naturally covered PowerShell remoting. During the discussion I explained that a remote PSSession is essentially transparent to any currently logged on user. Unless of course you reboot the computer! One way you can identify a remote session is by the … Continue reading

Runspaces, Remoting and Workflow, Oh My!

The other day on Twitter I saw a message about new script in the Microsoft Script Center on getting remote event logs with WMI. So I took a look at the script. If you take a minute to look at the script you'll quickly realize this is not a script for beginners. My initial thought was "Why?". We … Continue reading

Using Start-Job as a Scheduled Task

Here's a technique you might want to use for ad hoc troubleshooting or reporting. Even though it is possible to set up scheduled tasks to run PowerShell commands or scripts, it is cumbersome and time consuming. PowerShell v3 offers a great alternative, but I'll cover that another day. Suppose I … Continue reading