PrimalForms 2009 Now Available

SAPIEN Technologies finally released PrimalForms 2009. If you have any sort of requirement to create a graphical interface to your PowerShell script, this is the tool to get.  SAPIEN will continue to offer the free community version of Primal Forms from their community tools page.

PrimalForms 2009 includes these features:

  • Visually build sophisticated Windows forms in Powershell without having to write any code.
  • Integrated Powershell Script Editor with syntax coloring, PrimalSense, bookmarks and code folding.
  • Import .NET assemblies for expanded PrimalSense.
  • Integrated Powershell Help and Snapin support.
  • Integrated .NET Object Browser.
  • Export your scripts to a file or clipboard.
  • Package your scripts into an executable supporting 32 and 64 bit platforms.
  • Run your script directly from within PrimalForms 2009.
  • Ability to preview your Forms without executing your script code.
  • Round trip code generation preserves your code between editing sessions.

Whenever I teach about PowerShell and Windows Forms based scripts, this is the tool I use because it is so easy and lets you focus on PowerShell scripting instead of figuring out PowerShell code to configure the graphical elements.

PrimalForms 2009 is available as a stand alone product which you can download and try for 45 days or buy a license from SAPIEN is even offering the app at 40% off as a way of introducing it into the community. If you have a PrimalScript 2009 Studio license, you will get PrimalForms for free.

When you download and try out PrimalForms, be sure to look through the Getting Started section of the help guide. You’ll also get a number of sample forms and scripts to help get you going on the right track.

I love this tool and have plans for a number of graphical PowerShell scripts over the next several months.

PrimalForms now Available

Even though PowerShell is by design a console based management tool, there are instances where you would like to use a GUI. PowerShell can use the Windows forms classes from the .NET Framework. However in the past creating anything other than the simplest of forms was very tedious and time consuming. Now SAPIEN Technologies has a free solution. Download the free PrimalForms tool and use a WYSIWYG form editor. Drag and drop controls, configure them and define events such as Click and SelectionChanged. PrimalForms will generate a PowerShell script to create the form. All you have to do is refine it, add your PowerShell code to react to the events, test and deploy!

Be sure to read the Getting Started guide which includes a walk-through of creating a new script. There are also several sample forms and scripts. Read the release announcement and a followup.

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PowerShell Poll

Are you using Windows PowerShell v1.0 in production today? Are you thinking about it? If you aren’t, why? Inquiring minds at SAPIEN want to know. Take a moment to answer a simple yes/no poll at If you aren’t using PowerShell, kindly leave a comment explaining why. Nobody’s passing judgment and there are many reasons why PowerShell may not have gained traction in your organization.

Order Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM – Finally!

Yes, its finally true. You can finally get your hands on Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM. The book is being printed so you can get your copy today. You can order it today at in both print and ebook format. Or if you prefer the best of both worlds get both as a bundle.

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  4. Managing Local Groups
  5. Managing Active Directory with PowerShell Fundamentals
  6. Managing Active Directory Users
  7. Active Directory Password Management
  8. Managing Active Directory Contacts
  9. Managing Active Directory Groups
  10. Managing Active Directory Computer Accounts
  11. Managing Organizational Units and Containers
  12. Managing Group Policy
  13. Active Directory Security and Permissions
  14. Managing Active Directory with WMI and PowerShell
  15. Using the Active Directory PSDrive Provider
  16. Managing Active Directory Infrastructure
  17. (Appendix A) Managing Active Directory with PowerGUI

You can also download a sample chapter. This title is also available at

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