Friday Fun What a CHAR!

Last week I posted a PowerShell snippet on Twitter. My original post piped an array of integers as [CHAR] type using an OFS. Don't worry about that. As many people reminded me, it is much easier to use the -Join operator. [crayon-58e4e7862db90744991390/] I'll let you try that on your own. The … Continue reading

Get Properties with Values

One of my nuisance issues when using WMI with Windows PowerShell, is that when looking at all properties I have to wade though many that have no value. I'd prefer to only view properties that have a populated value. Here's one way. … Continue reading

ScriptBlocks On the Fly

I'm always preaching about writing PowerShell scripts and functions with reuse and modularization in mind. You should never have to write the same block of code twice. But what about in the shell during your daily grind? Perhaps today you're dealing with some issue and periodically need to run a … Continue reading

Friday Fun: Start-TypedDemo v2

Not too long ago I posted a function I wrote for doing PowerShell demonstrations. My goal was to simulate a live interactive demo but without the typing so I could focus on explaining and not typing. The first version was a good start but I always had plans for a more feature complete function … Continue reading