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Converting Text to HTML Revised

A few years ago I published a PowerShell function to convert text files into HTML listings. I thought it would be handy to convert scripts to HTML documents with line numbering and some formatting. Turns out someone actually used it! He had some questions about the function which led me to revisit it and realize there were some improvements to be made.

Part of the challenge with this project is that the function takes an existing text file and creates a much larger text file. On one hand this is to be expected because we are adding HTML to it.  But I wanted to find ways to keep the size down.

After some HTML style tweaking, I found a better way to preserve the  formatting without dramatically increasing the file size. I also added an option so that you can specify an alternate CSS file. If you don’t use one, then the function will insert a default style into the head section. I also gave you the option to specify your own document title.

The revised script, which includes defining an alias, is now a gist on GitHub.

The function behaves much like ConvertTo-HTML in that it doesn’t create an actual file. You still need to pipe the output to Out-File.  And you should use Out-File instead of the console redirection character (>) as that created a much larger version of the file.

Here’s an example of a converted file using the default style sheet.


If you want to create your own style sheet, be sure to use the setting white-space:pre; as this should retain document formatting. At least the best it can.

I hope you’ll find this helpful. Enjoy.

PowerShell Toolmaking Dos and Don’ts

During the last Microsoft MVP Summit, Channel 9 invited MVPs into their studios to record short presentations on anything they wanted. This was too good a deal to pass on, so my friend Greg Shields and I jumped into the studio to talk about PowerShell Toolmaking. To be more accurate, Greg, who knows a little PowerShell and is probably like many of you,  “interviewed” me about some toolmaking best practices.  The video is now available on Channel 9. Or you can watch it here.


Creating Class Based PowerShell Tools Demos

PUGS_logoDuring my recent trip to Sweden, I had an opportunity to do a presentation for the PowerShell User Group Sweden. It was a big turn out and I appreciate everyone who attended.  My talk was on using the new class feature in PowerShell 5.0 to create new types of PowerShell tools. Classes were introduced to make it easier to create DSC resources, but there’s no reason we can’t use them for other purposes.

I started with a quick intro into classes and then walked through a series of demos created a new tool using PowerShell classes. I have posted my demo files on GitHub. There were no slides.  The demo files are for educational purposes only and the final result is by no means production worthy, nor does it represent everything you could do.

The files are open to anyone interested. If you have questions on them, feel free to leave a comment.  And even though they are on Github, this isn’t an active project. I will probably revise these files as I use them in other presentations. Otherwise, enjoy and learn.