Why You Should Attend the PowerShell Summit

powershellorg-logo As you might be aware, registration is open for the PowerShell Summit North America 2015 to be help April 20-22, 2015 on the Microsoft campus in Charlotte, NC. You may be wondering why you should attend or even if you should attend. To begin, take a few minutes to read the Summit 2015 Education brochure.

Then let me add my thoughts on the subject.

First and foremost, if your day job involves PowerShell in any way and you are looking to learn more about PowerShell to do your job better or advance your career, then you should attend this conference. Given Microsoft’s move to larger conferences, finding hardcore PowerShell content is going to get harder and harder. The PowerShell Summit is intentionally small and intense. Sessions are rapid 45 minute presentations on topics that you won’t find covered at other conferences.

The speakers are all active and highly visible members of the PowerShell community. Probably many of the same people you follow on Twitter. Or if they aren’t speaking they will most likely be in attendance. This includes many PowerShell MVPs such as myself, Don Jones, Jim Christoper, Jason Helmick and Richard Siddaway. But wait…there’s more!

In addition, the PowerShell Summit includes presentations from members of the PowerShell team from Microsoft, including Jeffrey Snover. I’m not promising you’ll get an inside peek into anything new, but you will learn more about PowerShell that you ever thought possible. Even better, due to the intimate nature of the conference it is easy to chat with presenters, including members of the product team. In fact, it is encouraged.

I tell attendees that if you have a PowerShell question that doesn’t get answered at the Summit, assuming you ask it, it doesn’t have an answer. This is *the* place to get all of the practical, real-world and ready-to-use PowerShell knowledge you need to keep your boss happy.

Even if you feel you are just getting started with PowerShell, I would still encourage you to attend. There will be plenty of content to get you to the next level. And sometimes it helps to know where you can go with PowerShell, even if you aren’t ready yet.

If you are a seasoned PowerShell veteran, there’s always something new to learn. And access to the Microsoft team is priceless. Jeffrey Snover and the team are genuinely interested in how we are using PowerShell, what isn’t working and what do we still need. Your experience at the conference could help direct the future of PowerShell.

Registration is limited so you don’t want to wait to attend. Follow the registration link on the conference site to get started.

If you’ve attended a past Summit and found it useful, I hope you’ll post your experiences and reasons for attending in the comments. I hope to see you in Charlotte.