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Techmentor Las Vegas 2013 Session Materials

TMVSK4I had a terrific time at Techmentor last week in Las Vegas. I did 2 3-hour sessions. The longer sessions are intended to allow speakers time to go deeper into content and offer more detailed coverage than what you might get at a conference like TechEd. From my informal survey of attendees, many people enjoyed the longer sessions with a few wanting even longer. I expect we’ll see this longer format at the Techmentor conference next year.

Because I had 3 hours I was able to cover a lot of material. One of my sessions was a hands-on-lab with some exercises. As promised I’ve updated my slide decks (primarily for clarity) and assembled all of my PowerShell scripts and demos. While anyone is welcome to download them, unless you were in my session you won’t have the necessary context. For example, most of my presentations were live demonstrations with the slides serving as notes and an agenda. But feel free to download and try it all out.

Much of the content for my sessions are drawn from my books.

Each zip file contains a PDF of my slide deck and all of my PowerShell samples. Put all the samples in the same directory. All samples are provided as learning material and are not intended for immediate production use.

Techmentor Las Vegas 2013 PowerShell Workflows
Techmentor Las Vegas 2013 Automating AD with PowerShell

Get Password Will Expire

During my Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell session at Techmentor Orlando, an attendee asked about finding when a user’s password would expire. He wanted to be able to come in on Monday morning and run a report to find whose passwords were going to expire during the week. I didn’t have the time to go into a solution then, but promised something on my blog, and here it is.

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Techmentor Orlando 2011 Decks and Demos

As promised, I have put together the most current versions of my slide decks and demos. A word of caution on the demos: many of them were designed to be used with my Start-Demo function, which essentially steps through the demo file one line at a time. The AD demos do include a few scripts but don't assume that anything is ready to run. Use the demos more for review or as a jump start for your own scripts.

Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell Slide deck demo files
Getting Started with PowerCLI Slide deck demo files
PowerShell Scripting Best Practices Slide deck demo files

In my PowerCLI session I also showed a VMware health check script written by Alan Renouf. You can download that script from his site.

I hope you found the sessions informative and useful. Of course a conference presentation just gets you started. If you or your organization would like more fomallized traiining, just ask.