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Friday Fun – More PowerShell Bingo

For last week’s Friday Fun, I posted a PowerShell script to create a traditional Bingo card. I hoped you would also learn a few PowerShell concepts along the way. This week I’ve taken this to the next level, and have a complete module that not only creates the card but also let’s you play the game. There’s a lot going on here with regular expressions, custom view PS1XML files, variable scope and more. Continue reading Friday Fun – More PowerShell Bingo

Prof. PowerShell is taking roll

My weekly column that I’ve been writing for MCPMag.com is now officially Prof. PowerShell. The column’s goal is to introduce you to PowerShell and help you get up to speed. I obviously can’t teach you everything in a weekly 300 word column, but hopefully it will be enough to get you going and if nothing else, keep PowerShell on your radar. You’re going to have to eventually learn PowerShell so avoid the rush and start now. This week’s column introduces you to the Get-Member cmdlet.

You can also find PowerShell tips in some of last Windows Tip Sheet columns.

I hope you’ll let me know what you think. You can read Prof. PowerShell at http://mcpmag.com/columns/columnist.asp?columnistsid=81 or add the site’s RSS feed. I believe you can also get the column via weekly newsletter as well if you prefer.

If you want even more PowerShell goodness, I’d also suggest getting the Windows Administration in RealTime ejournal from RealTimePublishers.com. I write the Practical PowerShell column which solves a real-world problem with PowerShell. I think you’ll like it.

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PowerShell Blogging

Late last year I had moved my PowerShell blogging to PowerShellCommunity.org.  However, decisions have been made to discontinue the blog module.  Now, all my PowerShell related blogging will be back at blog.sapien.com. Hopefully you already have it in your RSS feed. You can click on the Powershell category to see all related posts from not only me but also Don Jones.

On a related note, keep an eye on my Windows Tip Sheet column. You should start seeing more and more PowerShell in the next few weeks.

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