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Road Trips

It’s coming up on that time of year again when I hit the road for series of tech conferences. I try to speak at several so that you have options, assuming you have any interest in what I might be presenting. I realize there is some competition between conferences but personally I think it often boils down to location and dates. I think every conference I am speaking at has something special to offer. Whether it is right for you depends on when the conference runs and the overall agenda. So here’s a quick look at where I’ll be through the rest of the year.

Atlanta PowerShell User Group
September 26, 2016

As part of my quick trip to Atlanta for Ignite, I will be at a special event sponsored by the Atlanta PowerShell User Group on Sept. 26 at 7:00PM. The event will be held at The Microsoft Innovation Center at Flat Iron City.. I will be joined by Don Jones and Jason Helmick, and probably more than a few other people you likely follow on Twitter. Learn more and RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/Atlanta-PowerShell-Users-Group/events/233394410/?a=socialmedia.

Ignite (Atlanta)
September 27, 2016


My trip to Atlanta for Ignite will be very brief this year. I will be around the conference and expo hall on Tuesday, Sept. 27. Look for me at the Pluralsight booth at some point during the day. I expect I’ll also hang around the PowerShell or Cloud/Datacenter booths. I’m not planning on any formal appearances or book signings as I’ve done in the past. Perhaps the best thing is to keep track of Twitter as I’ll try to announce when I’m hanging out in any one spot. I’ll also be at the PowerShell Happy Hour Tuesday evening.
IT/Dev Connections (Las Vegas)
October 10-12, 2016


My first IT conference of the Fall is in Las Vegas at Aria, which is a wonderful location. I’ll be doing several sessions. The highlight has to be a full day workshop on Monday I am co-presenting with Mark Minasi on Practical Solutions with Desired State Configuration. This should be a lot of fun. I will also be presenting sessions on Creating WPF Based PowerShell Tools and Do More with PowerShell Remoting.  If you’ve never attended one of my conference sessions you’ll be happy to know that they are light on PowerPoint slides and heavy on live demo.

You can learn more and register at http://tinyurl.com/ITDevCon16. Use code 500SPKR to save $500 on registration.

IT Edge (Las Vegas)
October 28-29, 2016


A few weeks later I’ll be back in Vegas for the IT Edge conference. This is a newer event aimed at a DevOps and automation oriented audience. You’ll find sessions from Don Jones, Jason Helmick, Tim Warner. Not to mention a panel hosted by Brad Anderson with Jeffery Snover, Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott. I will be doing a few breakout sessions on Creating Class-Based DSC Resources and Getting Started with Nano Server. On Saturday I’ll be doing a full day post-conference workshop called Infrastructure from Code. This is something I don’t think you’ll want to miss.

You can learn more and register at www.ITEdgeintersection.com.

Cornerstone Training (Kista, Sweden)
November 14-18, 2016

Masterclass with Jeffery Hicks

Once again I am thrilled to be returning to Sweden for a week of PowerShell training at the terrific Cornerstone offices in Kista, just outside of Stockholm. I’ll be doing a 5 day class on PowerShell Scripting and Automation. My classes are very hands-on with plenty of real-world exercises. The last I heard seats are still available, although it will be limited. Check out http://www.cornerstone.se/kurser/microsoft/windows/windows-server/windows-server-2012/powershell-masterclass-with-jeffery-hicks for more details.

Techmentor/Live360 (Orlando)
December 6-7, 2016


Finally, I’ll wrap up the year in sunny Orlando, Florida at Techmentor which is a part of the larger Live360 event. I’ll be doing three breakout sessions that I think you’ll find informative if not a little entertaining.

  • Getting Started with Nano Server
  • Creating Class-Based PowerShell Tools
  • Creating WPF-Based Graphical PowerShell Tools

This is a terrific event for being able to interact with speakers. Plus it is being held on a Universal Studio’s property which makes it very convenient to hit the park in the evening. The conference runs much longer than my appearance.  You can learn more and register at http://bit.ly/LSPK36_REG and save $500.

I hope you’ll be able to join me somewhere this fall and that you’ll come up and say hi. For some of these events, such as Techmentor, they will be a rare opportunity where my frequent co-author Don Jones and I will be in the same location. This is a terrific opportunity if you are looking for some book signatures.

And if none of these fit your calendar, 2017 will offer up another range of conference opportunities especially the PowerShell and DevOps Summit in April.

Happy Travels!

This Year is for You

jdh-powershellIf you’ve been following my work for any length of time, you probably have a pretty good idea of what kind of guy I am, the things I am interested in and what matters to me. I’m assuming you’ve seen me at a conference, read one of my books or articles, or follow me on Twitter. In thinking about the new year I’ve decided to “double down” for 2016 and bet on you.

I have always taken an interest in the career and daily job duties of today’s IT Pro. I have always wanted to help you find ways to do your job better, more efficiently and hopefully with a bit more fun.  For Windows professionals this has meant learning more and more about technologies like PowerShell and concepts like DevOps. Even if the company you are at now has yet to embrace these tools, or recognize their value,  that’s not to say your next job won’t.

I can appreciate that learning the fundamentals for these tools can be difficult. And even after you have a basic understanding, how can you use them to make your job better? That’s what 2016 is all about for me.

I plan on continuing to write content for Petri.com with an emphasis on a lot of new beginner content.  I will also be looking for additional outlets, so if you are a vendor looking to sponsor some content, or develop material that would benefit my community, I’d love to talk to you.

I intend to continue creating training material for Pluralsight. This has been a terrific company to work with and offer a growing catalog of learning resources that I know will help you out. Expect to see new PowerShell-related content from me.

Finally, I intend to get as much face time with all of you as I can. In some cases, it might be virtual.  I plan on presenting at several conferences this year. Right now I am booked for Techmentor in Las Vegas this March and the PowerShell Summit in April. For my Swedish friends I am scheduled to present a Masterclass on PowerShell v5 also in April.

I also hope to present to a number of PowerShell user groups. I have been talking with several groups already and will share more as things firm up.  I’m happy to present virtually, but of course would love to do in-person presentations. The drawback is that I don’t have an enormous travel budget being self-employed.  But, there are potential solutions. I’m not looking to make a profit from these types of appearance, just enough to offset my travel expenses.  I know some groups have budgets for this sort of thing. If you don’t, another possibility is to schedule some type of paid workshop ahead of your user group meeting. Ideally, enough people would attend the workshop to help offset travel expenses. If you are interested, and this also includes those of you who run SQL Saturday events, where I’d love to present, drop me a line.  I have some other ideas on this travel expense challenge that I am working on.

In short, this year I want to make about you. I want to help you learn how to do your job better, more efficiently and amaze your boss and co-workers.  I want to be practical and real-world as much as I can. And I want us to have fun.

Are you ready to get started?!

Mastery Mystery

More to come…

Practicing PowerShell in Helsinki

helsinkiI am very happy to announce that in addition to my appearance at the MVP-AllStars conference on 9 June 2015 in beautiful Helsinki, Finland but that I will be following it with a 2 day, intense PowerShell workshop aimed at Järjestelmänvalvojat (system administrators or IT Pros). I think this is going to be a blast and if you are any where in the region, or can hop on a plane, train or ferry, I hope you’ll consider attending.

The workshop is intended to provide enough practical PowerShell knowledge and experience that you can begin using it effectively the next day. Somehow I’m hoping I can cover the following material.

Day 1

  • What is PowerShell and Why It Matters
  • Understanding the PowerShell paradigm
  • The Power of a PowerShell Provider
  • Learning the PowerShell Language
  • PowerShell Remoting
  • WMI and CIM

Day 2

  • Exporting, Importing and Converting Objects
  • PowerShell Scripting Concepts and Security
  • Creating Effective PowerShell Scripts and Functions
  • PowerShell in Action
  • Getting Started with Desired State Configuration (DSC)
  • Questions, Answers and Next Steps

I don’t do many public classes so you won’t want to miss out. You can learn more at http://win-fu.com/powershell-in-practice-seminar-in-helsinki-june-10-11th-2015. Seating will be limited and there is early-bird pricing so please don’t wait.

In the Neighborhood

globe As some of you may have heard, I will be presenting in Helsinki, Finland on June 9th as part of the MVP All Stars seminar. I’m very excited about the conference and am looking forward to spreading the word about PowerShell to a new group of IT professionals. But it is a long trip from home to Helsinki and I’d like to make the most of it.

I’d love to be able to run a 3-5 day training session for your organization on either side of my June 9th event, although preferably before. If your organization is in Scandinavia, Northern Europe or even the UK and have been thinking about some PowerShell training, now is a great opportunity. From PowerShell fundamentals to advanced scripting to DSC, I am confident there is plenty of value I can add to your group. But the time to plan is now. I will try to accommodate as many requests as I can, but this really is a first-come, first-served situation.

Click here to request more information.